Aligning Personal Will with Divine Will

Have you felt a shift in energy the last few days? The planet Mars turned retrograde on the 17th, and we have a full moon in Scorpio tomorrow on April 21st. I love this image for Scorpio by Laura Laisley, the Scorpion_ something we see often here in the Southwest. A symbol of power, passion, death and rebirth, exposure of something that is hidden or in shadow and also something to be wary of. They only sting defensively but their sting can be very painful and poisonous!

I can’t help but notice the connection in the last few months between astrological transits and our spiritual growth and integration. There has been much talk about alignment of personal will with Divine Will, the deepest longing of the Soul_ both concepts that are addressed in the Brennan model of healing work. How do you align your personal will with Divine will? What’s the difference between what you think  you want and what you know  you want? And how do you connect with the deepest longing of your Soul?

I learned these methods many years ago when I studied with the Brennan school and then expanded upon them through personal growth. When you bring the non-dual into these alignments, they become even more powerful. Transcend and Include, as Ken Wilber coined the phrase. When you go beyond a level of consciousness, the previous level is contained within it at the same time.

I have recorded 2 healing meditations for you to experience alignment with Divine Will and your Soul’s deepest longing, which I have posted on my website here. It is through experiencing these things that you will come to understand them. Be sure to listen to them when you have time to rest awhile afterward and not while you are driving.
~ Blessings, Mary