Astrology Cycles

I am not an astrologer and yet for years I have been guided to pay attention to the New and Full moons each month and what they mean to our evolutionary process. These are openings in time, which if we utilize them, can advance our personal and collective growth. This month Divine Harmony reminds us that if we use this Mercury Retrograde, which begins on Saturday and the Full Moon energies on Sunday for our personal growth, that we can complete a cycle and move to the new one in a new place. But if we don’t, we take the old patterns with us into the new cycle and will repeat them again. We can do this by surrendering to our feelings and whatever comes up and transforming and integrating that shadow energy. Let’s utilize this opening in time to transform our old patterns and evolve into a new pattern free of the past and rebirthing a new aspect of ourselves ! ~ Blessings, Mary