Bringers of the Dawn

In 1992, there was a book published called Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, which was very popular among spiritual seekers and new age readers. The phrase I most remember from the book was “system busters”. Barbara spoke of many of us incarnated at this time having come into this planet to break up the structures that are out of alignment with higher truth and no longer serving us. _ Structures that needed to be eliminated so that better structures, based on higher consciousness and the good of the whole could take their place.

A lot has happened since then, some 24 years ago. Much to our dismay, changes have not occurred as smoothly or as quickly as we had hoped. But I cannot help but think of that book as I watch Bernie Sanders speak about what he hopes to accomplish. Sounds like a “system buster” to me! And God bless him and his courage.

Some people don’t think “spiritual” people should be engaged in politics, but I disagree. Politics per say may not be an honest pursuit and is full of corruption, but social action is indeed necessary if we are to be of service to this world we live in on this plane of reality. It is not something that can be ignored or denied. Holding alignment for higher truth and taking action for issues we believe in that serve the whole, is a necessary part of being a citizen of the world.

I hope you will be involved in this next election cycle, not by engaging in the lower aspects of the political system, but by educating yourself about the issues, using your discernment to “read between the lines,” and standing in your power by speaking your truth as a citizen of this country and a citizen of the world. ~ Blessings, Mary