The Denying Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act is before Congress.
Big Food’s allies in Congress are doing everything they can to implement their anti-labeling agenda before the end of the year – including sneaking the main components of the DARK Act into the end-of-year spending bill!

Many  people who are on a spiritual path have had memories of the genetic manipulation that occurred in Atlantis at another point in time. As we have come to understand, time is really not linear, but occurs in a recurring circle so that events and issues repeat themselves_what goes around comes around! We are in a period of time now where issues that presented themselves in Atlantis are repeating themselves.

It’s about greed and having power over the masses. Underneath that is a fear that people will come into their own power by connecting with their spiritual awareness and “the powers that be” will somehow loose their power, their place, their importance. But it is all based upon a faulty belief system because we each have our unique place within the collective consciousness; no one is more important than the other. When we each reach a connection with our own power spiritually, the entire collective grows and expands. No one gets demoted. This fear is based upon an idea that to have power, one must control others and restrict them. It is a fallacy.

Perhaps it is time to recognize this fear that is behind the attempts to control the masses and to meet it with compassion. In Atlantis, our genetics were manipulated to lower our consciousness so that we would not connect spiritually and come into our own power. It was done energetically and manipulatively in the temples by tricking the people into faulty agreements. Today it is being done by manipulating our food supply and our medicines by introducing toxins and ingredients into them that change our DNA. Antibiotics, hormones, genetically modified organisms_could it be any plainer? GMO’s! These foods change our DNA, lower our vibration, create dis-ease and redirect our attention from the higher vibration to the lower. Its insane! Why would anyone do that? When you are busy surviving, its more difficult to remember who you are, focus on  higher consciousness, recognize the God-Self within_our purpose for being here.

I haven’t talked about the “dark forces” in a long time; there is much confusion about the meaning of that term. But they do exist; they are the lower vibration of collective thought that has taken on form and has a life of its own. It operates out of its faulty belief systems_ its delusions if you will_ as I’ve spoken of above. It is destructive because it has lost its way and is operating out of greed and survival mode; it is not  connected with higher consciousness and the bigger picture. It is the collective “lower self” of the ego. It lacks compassion and it doesn’t recognize the distortion in its thinking.

What can we do about this? At the spiritual level, We need to bring love and compassion to the faulty thinking of this energy. It is “crazy”; it has lost its way. We can do that in meditation and with prayer.

On a practical level, We can reclaim our power by being aware of what is happening in the food industry and by having a voice_by taking a stand about the labeling of our foods,_by refusing to allow this genetic manipulation again.
Not only do 64 other nations require labeling, but according to a survey by The Mellman Group, more than 90 percent of Americans of all parties and genders want labeling. The DARK Act goes against what the vast majority of us want. I urge you to stand with me today in support of mandatory GMO labeling by contacting your members of Congress right now.

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