Lessons From Atlantis!

Divine Harmony in her post for the October 18 Full Moon speaks to to the lessons from Atlantis . Here is an excerpt from my first book Kicking and Screaming to Enlightenment  where I write about my experiences in Atlantis when I led a Mystery School in the late 90s. All Rights Reserved.

“I have very vivid memories of Atlantis, when that culture fell because it lost its connection to its heart and allowed itself to be run by its lower ego. The results were devastating. Just when an ascension in consciousness could have occurred on the entire planet, we fell in consciousness instead and have spent centuries building ourselves back to this point in time when we could reclaim our power again, personally and within the universe. This is occurring at the collective level, the planetary level, and the personallevel all simultaneously.

This is a pivotal  time! The lessons from Atlantis, when we misused our power, are here again full blown: apathy, mind control, exerting power over others, experimenting with genetic manipulation and cloning, making decisions out of greed and fear, lacking the courage to stand up for what is right, allowing ourselves to be tricked into faulty agreements with misinformation, allowing our consciousness  to be clouded with alcohol, drugs and electronics so that we can not see what is really going on. We have the opportunity in the Now to make different decisions this time.”