Lick Your Wounds and Begin Again!

It’s hard to stay positive with what just occurred with Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court. But the Universe works in mysterious ways so who knows how this will unfold? Will it determine the midterms? Time will tell. What’s important is that we allow ourselves to grieve but not to despair. We need to keep standing for truth and justice. This new moon in Libra is all about balance, justice and right relationship with the Other. What does that mean?

In recent months, I have been guided to explore the philosophies of Gnostic Christianity. I have been delighted to see its connection with the Divine Feminine and the process of surrender in healing work that I have been engaged in for many years. Rather than being a religious tenant, it is a spiritual one, based upon Direct Experience as a path to enlightenment. You may think that becoming enlightened is the least of our worries right now with what is going on in the world, yet it is exactly what we need to be doing_connecting with higher consciousness and viewing reality from a higher more inclusive perspective. One that does not judge but observes all experiences with compassion.

Why are we seeing so much negativity in the world and why does hatred and  abuses of power seem to be predominating?  In the last decade there has been much talk from the Religious right about an apocalypse and armageddon_ dogma that has caused fear and that has  misrepresented the true meaning of those words.

According to the Sophia tradition of Gnosticism, the Apocalypse is a rapid acceleration of consciousness at the collective level, exactly what is described by New Age teachings. But because everyone is not ready for this leap in consciousness, it creates a conflict between the old and the new; one that challenges our survival. Those who are ready to raise their consciousness become challenged by those who aren’t and by tenants of their lower consciousness. This great conflict is named Armageddon and is the struggle between these two inclinations. One is our evolutionary past; the other our evolutionary future_ embodying our Divine nature! “The former is an inclination to selfishness and violence; the latter to an inclination to self-self-transcendence and compassion.” (Living Gnosis, Tau Malachi p. 11)  This struggle occurs within us and is reflected outward into the mass consciousness where we see it playing out. It intensifies until it is resolved, one way or the other.

So this is what we are seeing and experiencing_ the struggle between selfishness and our evolutionary past and compassion and our evolutionary future both personally and collectively. Those of us who are raising our consciousness play an important part. It is to stand in our power and to oppose the selfishness of the lower ego that is trying to dominate.

So take time to grieve and to “lick your wounds” after the Kavanaugh debacle and then get up and take your next step. Stand in your power, wherever that may lead you in social action and continue to evolve your consciousness. Deal with your own internal conflicts and Hold the Light for the planet and its evolution. We are making a leap in consciousness. This is the part we play. ~ Blessings, Mary