Mars Retrograde in Scorpio; Be in the Moment!

Being present in the here and now is what we strive for on the spiritual path. Have you noticed how quickly that now moment moves to the next one so that if you don’t take action in a “here and now” moment when something seems relevant, it then disappears and the moment is lost ? That doesn’t mean it wasn’t something important to act on, just that you missed an opportunity to take action when it could have made a difference. Right now the planet Mars is still retrograde and it moved back into Scorpio for a month on May 27th. Do you feel like you’re still waiting for something to happen to move you forward?And you’re sloshing through a lot of old stuff? Our task is to stay present and deal with what presents itself. Here’s some wisdom from Divine Harmony on that subject. ~ Blessings, Mary
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so from 5/27-6/29 we have retrograde mars in the depths and bowels of scorpio- facing us with all our shadow material that most of us prefer not to deal with or look at directly (if at all). the thing is when we don’t deal with it- it deals with us. if we cannot see it in ourselves then it comes into our life in the form of others who become the projections for our own shadow. the shadow of scorpio can be very intense- jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, anger, rage, misuse of sexuality and power, addiction, power/control dynamics, revenge and more. looking at our relationship to the dark side of the psyche is key during the coming month. looking at where we are afraid of the depths and shadows or alternatively where we are obsessed and overtaken by them is key. ultimately we are all seeking to come into right relationship with the shadow- so that means not suppressing it or spiritual by passing it and it also means not living in it completely and acting it out