Mind Games

I enjoy watching TV some of the time and I typically will be skeptical about a new show by its name alone, only to find out later that my first impression was not correct and it is actually a good show. That’s what happened with a new show this Spring called Mind Games. I thought for sure it would be another low caliber show like Betrayal or Killer Women on ABC; shows I didn’t even watch to know they would not be my taste in entertainment. But Mind Games surprised me; they actually portrayed physic ability in a responsible way and were laying down some good ideas into the mass consciousness, caring about good outcomes for people without controlling them or interfering with their free will. I was impressed, given the quality of lot of shows of this type. Then, all of a sudden, the show was gone. It took me a few weeks to look it up online, only to see that it had been canceled without even finishing out the season. I ranted about that for a while, even writing an email to ABC complaining. Then I decided to watch the last episode I had seen again, only to see what I think may have been the problem. The subject of the last episode was about GMOs and how a corporation was hiding the side effects which were harming people. In the end, this was exposed and the GMO product was taken off the market. The very next day, the show was cancelled. Hmmm! My guess is that Monsanto or someone in the higher echelon had a fit! Wonder if the truth will come out or if anyone besides me has complained? Do they really think that no one knows the truth about GMOs or are suspicious that they don’t want to label our food so that we can make choices about what we eat? Sounds to me like this was too much of an exposure and good use of TV time to educate people.

I found this article online today; it is very encouraging. We are actually making some headway in getting our food labeled thanks to Vermont and other states that are passing laws that require GMO foods to be labeled. Once a few states require this, there will be a snowball affect. It’s not over buy we’re on the way to stopping the tainting of our food supply in this way. Many Blessings, Mary

Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and Natural Food Fight http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/23151-monsanto-and-big-food-losing-the-gmo-and-natural-food-fight