More Healing of the Chiron Wound

I’m always somewhat surprised when my dreams reflect what the astrologers predict will happen with certain  transits as we have this week. The theme of this New Moon include regrets and resentments about old relationships and further healing of the Chiron wound. I have not in the past noticed the direct correlation between Chiron and rejection and abandonment which of course is related to the Schizoid and Oral defense pattern in the Characterology of  Bioenergetics. As healers, we know that we carry patterns to be healed sometimes more than others carry because we have agreed to carry them not only for personal healing but for the collective_ not usually an easy task. Looks like this is a time to “dive right in”  and go deeper in our own process of healing using the many tools we have acquired and perhaps looking for new ones.. Working from the Unity level of consciousness can clear trauma much more quickly and easily than other methods and can be achieved through trans-mission  from another healer. Stay tuned for an announcement about an online seminar I will be offering on this subject in the near future. ~ Blessings, Mary