Net Neutrality Action

There’s a powerful full moon today in Scorpio and tomorrow  May 15th, is an important day to take action to protect net neutrality. We all get busy with our lives and are not always aware of what’s going on in the bigger scheme of things. Tomorrow opens a window of time when we can have our voices heard about new rulings that are being proposed about the internet, rulings that would give power once again to the corporations and take away the equal playing fields that exists now where we can communicate  What does this mean and how would it affect you and more importantly freedom of speech in this country and all over the world. Educate yourselves about this very important issue and take action by making a comment to the FCC about their proposal which is being released tomorrow. This is not time to be complacent. On May 15th, organizations across the country are staging a massive protest outside of the FCC building in Washington, D.C. Here’s a link that explains what is going on.

I have written about social action a lot because we are at a crossroads and we have been there for awhile, but layer upon layer of opportunities seem to be unfolding for us to respond to if we will. It is easy to become apathetic in regards to the conditions of the world because they seem to go on and on and frankly darkness, ignorance, and negative intent don’t really change. It is our response to them that needs to change; we need to reclaim our power.

Our power has been taken away on this planet over eons of time. This is the opening where that can change that if we take a stand for what we believe in. We don’t have to be victimized unless we allow it. Here’s a quote from my book Kicking and Screaming to Enlightenment, A Journey to the Real Self.


There is nothing more important than reclaiming our power at this point in time because it will determine the future direction of our planet and our evolution.” Mary Bell 2010