New Moon in Scorpio_Samhain!

And we thought intensity of emotions only occurred at full moons? Not so by how this new moon is feeling! It is exhilarating but also saddening to see the number of people who are waking up to the reality of our political system. 20 years ago, it was considered a “conspiracy theory” to speak of a “secret government” but now the term is used freely on the internet by many authors of legitimate publications like the Boston Globe and Huffington Post. It’s just a fact_just the way it is. So what do we do now that we know about it?

I remember writing an article for my newsletter several years ago where I was talking about the our role as Light Workers to help shift duality into Unity Consciousness and how to do it. There I posed the question “perhaps duality is just the way it is and we can’t really change it.” Maybe we have to build a new structure that exists right along side duality_one of higher consciousness_a multidimensional reality and people can choose which one they want to live in. At least for a while while duality is being phased out. That fits with the process of Voice Dialogue too where we don’t try to change a part of ourselves; we accept it for what it is and develop an observer to it~a part that takes charge of the decision making based on what it observes from the different parts. This observer, an aware ego, is what changes.


I think of that this week with discussions going on on Facebook about who is really in charge of our government and why things don’t change very much. How much do our votes really count? Can we really change the existing structure by inserting people with good intention into it, or do we need to create a new one? One built on a different premise than a two party system which keeps people opposing each other_a system that truly sees people as equals and makes decisions for the good of the whole. A system conceived of higher consciousness! Sound like a “pipe dream”? Maybe, but I don’t think so. If we can envision it, we can create it. I think we are creating it as we “hold the light” for the planet. It may be just about to materialize. How soon? Probably not overnight but it’s clear, people are waking up to the truth and the charade can’t go on for long once that happens. ~Blessings, Mary