Prayer vs. Holding Space

Sometimes we forget to use the power we have to influence outcomes in the world by using our energy healing skills when we get caught up in the collective drama. But those skills are still available to us_ both prayer and “holding space” for a positive outcome. Both use energy but in a different way.

What’s the difference between prayer and “holding space?” Prayer, is petitionary. We ask God, the Universe or particular spiritual energies to help a person or deliver a particular outcome in a particular situation (aka like the tax bill), although our teachers remind us to let go of a particular outcome but to pray for the highest good of all concerned. We definitely send energy when we do this. Another method to use our energy skills is “holding space”. When we do this, we hold a person in a “bubble” of spiritual energy that they can use or not use; this respects a person’s free will and takes our ego desire out the equation. We may not know what is best for a person or a situation even if we think we do. But by “holding space'” we offer a gift of light and connection to a person that they may not be able to reach by themselves in that moment without forcing our will upon them. They get to choose!

We can also “send energy” to a person or situation which may be appropriate in certain situations like emergencies or catastrophes but we need to be sure we’re working from our connection to spiritual guidance and not ego here because we may not see a situation clearly from our egos and may try to achieve something that is not for the highest good.

I’m thinking of these things a lot lately as we watch atrocities occurring in government and the world in general. We do not need to stand by feeling helpless. We have energy tools that can make a difference; we just to remember to use them!