Right Now, Right Now!

The Universe has an interesting way of helping us to become conscious and to make choices. Periodically, we get similar circumstances to see if we have gotten the lesson. Is it 2014 or 2003? It feels like 2003 to me. It is unsettling to hear similar words as we heard then at the beginning of the Iraq war. There is evil in the world and we have to destroy it. Really?

There is evil intent in the world; that’s for sure. And sometimes we have to stand up to it. But how do we do that? It is certainly a tremendous problem to have a terrorist group exerting its power, hurting people and taking over land that has not been its own. But is the attitude of “destroying” it the correct one? What the attitudes are within the mass consciousness determines what will happen next. No matter what we’re told about “polls”, what do people really think about what is happening? Do we agree with the plan to destroy “evil”? To have endless war? It reminds me of the saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

We know that there is tremendous light coming into the planet and that it is uncovering many things hidden that need to be transformed. And we know that the “old order” is fighting desperately to stay in control. The chaos in the world is higher than ever before. I encourage you to participate in whatever way resonates with you in this situation for the highest good of all through prayer, mediation, reciting mantras, grounding and joining in group activities like the ones listed below. As we hold the light for peace, and achieve that state within ourselves, we can make a difference.

As one of my daughters playfully says when something needs to be done right away, Right now, Right now! Now is the time to stand in Love for the world. This very moment. Right now, Right now! Namaste’, Mary

Your Love is Needed Now! Sept. 13-18th with Patti Cota-Robles  www.eraofpeace.org/news/ 

World Peace Day Sept. 21st with Deepak Chopra   unify.org  

** You don’t have to attend either event in person to participate