Waking Up to the Truth!

I’m reminded right now of something Barbara Hand Clow, an astrologer I followed in the late nineties, said about the anger and disillusionment Americans would experience when they realized they had been lied to by their government about their freedoms and the way things worked. I thought this would happen in 2012, but it seems to be happening now in 2016 which is what others had predicted. As we watch the drama of the upcoming election, I hear more and more people saying “You mean our primary votes don’t really determine which candidate will run in the Presidential Election? In the end, it’s the party who decides who will run? They can discard the people’s voice after the first ballet? ” It has always been so, we’re just paying more attention now.

There has always been corruption in our political system. Each state has their own set of rules and restrictions that control who can run in an election, primary votes, presidential elections. Voting machines can be hacked, results can be flipped. Are we really a Democracy as we have been told, or have we been fooled into thinking so? Cathy Pagano speaks to how astrology is assisting us to”wake up” to the truth and to take action. This is the time to take back our power! . Blessings ~Mary

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