We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

An excerpt from Kicking and Screaming to Enlightenment, a Journey to the Real Self. All rights Are Reserved.

I have very vivid memories of Atlantis, when that culture fell because it lost its connection to its heart and allowed itself to be run by its lower ego. The results were devastating. Just when an ascension in consciousness could have occurred on the entire planet, we fell in consciousness instead and have spent centuries building ourselves back to this point in time when we could re- claim our power again, personally and within the universe. This is occurring at the collective level, the planetary level, and the per- sonal level all simultaneously.

There is nothing more important than reclaiming our power at this point in time because it will determine the future direction of our planet and our evolution.

The lessons from Atlantis, when we misused our power, are here again full blown: apathy, mind control, exerting power over others, experimenting with genetic manipulation and cloning, making decisions out of greed and fear, lacking the courage to stand up for what is right, allowing ourselves to be tricked into faulty agreements with misinformation, having our consciousness clouded so that we can not see what is really going on, We have the opportunity in the Now to make different decisions this time.

In order to reverse the decisions we made in the past, it takes each one of us to become conscious and to reclaim our power, to see the distortion in our own consciousness and in our societies that has existed for eons of time, and to choose higher consciousness in lieu of the manipulations of the lower ego. Becoming conscious occurs at many levels. We become conscious of our spiritual na- ture, conscious of our own psychological defenses, and conscious of illusion and falsehood around us.

This is a pivotal time. The battle between the Light and the dark of duality is upon us. This “battle” is between higher conscious- ness and lower consciousness. What will we choose? The task is to stand in the power of our Love and say no in an active way, not to engage or struggle with lower consciousness as it would like us to do, nor be apathetic, feel helpless or become immobi- lized with fear. This is the point in time we have been waiting for when this pattern around personal power could be transformed. The opening in time and the energy is here to support the change; we just have to choose it. The genetic manipulation that occurred in the days of Atlantis that lowered our vibration and led to dis- ease and all of the limitations that we continue to experience, can be undone now if we just say “yes” to regaining our power, to seeing the distortion around us and take a stand. The integration of higher consciousness can occur in this lifetime for the entire planet if we each fully participate in this transformation.

Light is information. As more light is pouring into our planet and our world, it is illuminating what has been hidden for eons of time. The action we take now will define the future of our country, the future of our world. Awareness of what has been hidden is hit- ting the mass consciousness. We all know it at some level and are expressing it to each other in the best way we can. Some of us can see more clearly than others. It is up to us to point the way where others will see it too!

Christ Consciousness is not outside of us; it is within us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. There is action that we can each take that will make a difference at this point in time to en- hance the evolution of consciousness. I will be part of the solution. I will say “yes” to the universe; I will choose the Light. I will do my own personal work and learn from my mistakes. I will stand in my power. I will take action in the world and I will take action on the inner planes. I will hold spaces of energy for everyone to see what they need to see and to do their part. I will send energy to our political leaders with the intention that they will be coura- geous and act with integrity. I will hold the world and the mass consciousness in a bubble of Light every day so that we can all feel and access the help that is available to us in Unity Consciousness. I will pray and ask for help. I will meet lower consciousness with Love but firmness rather than reaction. I will make a difference in the world.

Yes, I will. Yes, we can!