We Can Pray!

It can be difficult to understand the workings of the Universe sometimes, especially from the perspective of the present moment, but one thing is for sure, if there was ever a time to stand for transformation and change politically, this is that moment. I guess Bernie shouldn’t be surprised to the extent that the current “culture” would fight to preserve itself in the face of its demise, but at some level I think he is; he looked very sad and resigned on TV this morning. The game isn’t over yet, Bernie! But the media would have us think so.

Our media tends to shape our belief systems and would define our sense of reality. It tells us what to think and tells us what is possible, if we allow it. But is it correct or just a figment of ego? Clearly the pun dents are operating from ego when they define for us what they see as possible in this upcoming delegate selection and election process. They have no higher vision of what might be possible or how so called “miracles”, things totally unexpected can happen. Or maybe they are just too invested in the status quo. After all, they are a part of the old order and the old order is “kicking and screaming” to stay in control even though its time is ending. As are politicians on both sides of the isle. Is it any wonder why more Democrats haven’t endorsed Bernie when they are part of the system he is attempting to address? Campaign finance reform and what about our voting system? No attention is being given in this primary season to how the votes are being counted and monitored for accuracy. With only a few months until the general election, how will we know that our votes are being tallied accurately and are really counted? With so many being disenfranchised now, can we really have an honest vote of the people?

We are living in a period of time that parallels events and decisions that were made in Atlantis eons ago. Genetically modified mosquitoes. Really? A cure or a cause of the disease? Dr. Brownstein in Michigan made the connection between genetically modified mosquitoes used in the area of the Zika virus before the outbreak of affected infants.

It’s a time to become conscious of what is going on politically and governmentally and take back our power. If we ever had any doubt that our political system was “rigged”, its hard to deny it now. It’s time to change the system! Joseph Chilton Pearce, in his book The Biology of Transcendence speaks of the differences between society and culture and the way in which culture will fight to maintain itself in the face of its demise. But we have the power of prayer and light work! We need to stand in the power of alignment with soul and Spirit with intention for the good of the whole. Is this the time when our political system will change and move in a direction that is fair to all? We don’t know yet, but we can pray and we can hope!