What is the Hara Line?

The Hara Lne is a concept developed by Barbara Brennan that describes a level of energy that is a quantum level below the auric field and contains 3 points_ the tantien, the soul seat and the individuation point. It is a level of intentionality that creates the auric field. When we align our Hara Line, we align our personal will with Divine will. 

We all have a Hara Line and so does the planet. As a result of the many astrological transits and eclipses so far this year, the Hara of the planet is shifting. That means that we need to integrate that shift within ourselves in order to move forward.

There was so much going on with the Full Moon last week, that I was unable to write about it. I experienced this deep foreboding that something immense was about to happen that was far beyond the Full Moon or the storm about to hit the east coast of our county_ maybe even nuclear.. When I looked with my clairvoyant vision, I could see energy of negative intent looming but I couldn’t see what or where something was going to happen. As I watched, Light was brought into that energy and it dissipated somewhat but not all. Then the event happened in Lebanon and I realized that was it.

We are at such a turning point on the planet; healers  have used the phase “hold the light” for the planet for many years and yet we need to be reminded how to do that and to do it on a daily basis. It is a time when those who are connected consciously need to use the power of their alignment to hold the light for the planet to modify the negativity going on and to allow what is truly Real to materialize out of the illusion.  

Here is a guided mediation to help you to align with the planet’s new Hara Line and to clear whatever blocks you might have that stand in the way. You will find it here on the Professional Training for Healers at the bottom of the page. You don’t have to be a healer to listen ~ Blessings, Mary