I’ve been giving some thought to that question lately and realizing that I need to talk more about my brand and the focus of my healing practice. I work very effectively with a variety of people of all ages in my private practice as a healer, and have for 25 years now, but my true specialty, my “brand” is describing and integrating the shift in consciousness we are experiencing on the earth plane and being the healer’s healer!

Not everyone is interested in metaphysics or esoteric study or in levels of consciousness, but I am and that is my specialty! While we understand some aspects of spirituality from metaphysics and esoteric study, we can’t really “understand” these things without experiencing them.

The collective is going through a shift in consciousness. We have finished the phase of experiencing ourselves as individuated “beings” and now, as we expand, we are becoming aware that we are part of a bigger whole, and that that “whole” cannot exist without each other.

In the upcoming months, I would like to offer more seminars for healers and other health care professionals. If you would like to sponsor a seminar in your area, call me or text me at 808.651.2045. ~ Blessings, Mary