Why do We Follow the Moons?

Why do we follow the moons?  More than 20 years ago a practionerr i was working with told me the  importance of me following the moons in order to be connected with time in the fourth dimension. Then, after spending some time Iin Kauai in 2013, I felt guided  to begin this newsletter. For some 25 years now I have been guided in the bigger picture to understand and write and teach about the shift in consciousness that is occurring on the earth plane. Both of my published books address the shift and how it is affecting us in their own way. The shifts of the moons contribute to the energy downloads we experience as we integrate who we are  at the soul and spirit levels of reality into our current consciousness. it is a “descention” process as we “ascend” in consciousness. We become grounded in who we are here rather than  leaving the physical body to go somewhere else.

The intensity of this process  in recent years cannot be denied. I find that astrology helps me understand at least some of what i am experiencing  It is not aways the total picture but it helps to explain thoughts and feelings that may be occurring or trends occurring in the mass consciousness. Here is another entry from Divine Harmony. I hope you find it helpful. ~ Blessings, Mary